1. The rare moments I get to spend with my mum (Day99 of #100happydays )

  2. First time in a recording studio. I shat myself. (Day98 of #100happydays )

  3. Nailing it. Rarely happens. (Day97 of #100happydays )

  4. Needs no explanation (Day96 of #100happydays )

  5. Spontaneous decision to visit a museum: modern art mixed with classical organ music (Day95 of #100happydays ) (at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum)

  6. Another one about food, this time taking place in a borrowed flat and peppered with some deep existentialist conversations (Day94 of #100happydays )

  7. Sun and rain happening at the same time (Day92 of #100happydays )

  8. To be ‘stuck’ in a room full highly creative people and bounce ideas off each other (Day91 of #100happydays )

  9. When you meet wonderful new people and you instantly click with each other! Ah, those wee lasses … (Day90 of #100happydays )

  10. NAS - I CAN

    Tru dat.

  11. When the day takes unexpected turns and you find yourself running faster than you ever thought you could. (Day89 of #100happydays )

  12. A family Sunday roast: Steagu’ version (Day88 of #100happydays ) (at Ollybars)

  13. When the alcohol soaks in and it doesn’t matter what kind of music your feet are wobbling on anymore (Day87 of #100happydays )

  14. When you wake up and there’s a little surprise waiting for you that makes a random gloomy day feel like Christmas morning… Thank you, @secondnaturegreensmoothies (Day86 of #100happydays )